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After the Iandmark passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, federal funding opportunities for regional climate action initiatives (like the EPA Climate Pollution Reduction Grant or CPRG program) have never been more abundant – but not all governments and agencies are prepared to bring their climate action initiatives to a regional scale. 

Join us for a free webinar on July 27th in which participants will learn:

  • How to best leverage federal funding for regional action
  • How to navigate climate analysis, planning, and action across state lines
  • What regional climate inventory veterans know as keys to regional success. 

You’ll hear from Marci Henson, Director of Clark County, NV’s Department of Environment and Sustainability; Maia Davis, Senior Environmental Planner for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments; and Mike Steinhoff, KLA’s Director of Climate Analysis. They will share their experiences with the All-In Clark County Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, Metropolitan Washington Climate and Energy Action Plan, and other regional initiatives.  

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Hosted By: 

Kim Lundgren, ENV SP – CEO, Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc. 


Marci Henson – Director, Clark County, NV Department of Environment and Sustainability 

Maia A. Davis – Senior Environmental Planner, Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments 

Mike Steinhoff – Director of Climate Analysis, Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc. 

Host: Kim Lundgren, ENV SP

4-2Kim Lundgren is CEO of Kim Lundgren Associates, Inc. (KLA), a benefits corporation that delivers customized solutions for local governments to create the sustainable community they want. One of KLA’s core solutions- the KLA Sustainability Dashboard- is a communications platform that guides local governments to tell their story, track progress towards goals, & engage community members to be part of the solution.

Kim’s passion for saving the Earth dates back to her childhood and drives her work to spur local action and long-lasting behavior change to realize tangible improvements to the economic, environmental, and social aspects of our communities to create a sustainable future. Kim is an early municipal sustainability pioneer that wrote the first climate action plan in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and one of the first climate adaptation plans in the country. She has spent the last sixteen years partnering with hundreds of local governments across the country to design, plan, fund, implement, and evaluate sustainability programs focused on climate change mitigation and adaptation.


Maia Davis Headshot

Maia A. Davis

Ms. Davis is a Senior Environmental Planner on the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ (COG) Climate, Energy and Air Quality Team. She is the climate planning and technical lead managing the Metropolitan Washington Climate and Energy Action Plan and local and regional greenhouse gas inventories. Ms. Davis supports implementation of local climate plans and initiatives, leads regional electric vehicle planning initiatives, and has led the development of more than 100 greenhouse gas inventories. Ms. Davis was the staff lead on earning the region recognition as compliant with the Global Covenant of Mayor’s (GCoM) rigorous international climate planning standards in 2021, a U.S. Metro-Scale Climate Leaders in 2019, and a White House Climate Action Champion designation for the region in 2014. She serves as the lead staff for COG’s Climate, Energy, and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC) and also serves on the Sustainable Maryland Executive Committee and ICLEI’s Communities Protocol Committee for Greenhouse Gas Accounting. 

Marci Headshot

Marci Henson

Marci Henson currently serves as Director of the Clark County Department of Environment & Sustainability.  Marci directs Clark County's vision for a sustainable community that improves quality of life, supports economic security, and protects the environment. Her portfolio includes directing the County’s regional air quality programs, administering the Clark County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan, and leading the County’s sustainability and climate action initiatives. She was a key leader in the development and implementation of the All-In Clark County Community and Sustainability Action Plan, which

Mike Headshot

Mike Steinhoff

Mike Steinhoff is KLA’s Director of Climate Analysis, holding over a dozen years of experience providing technical support to hundreds of US local governments on GHG accounting, resilience planning, and reporting. He led the coordination of community-scale GHG accounting standards as author, editor and Steering Committee facilitator of the ICLEI US Community Protocol and advisor to the Global Protocol for Community Scale Emissions Inventory (GPC). Mike also acts as an advisor to several federal programs and projects such as the DOE Cities Leading Through Energy Analysis and Planning Program and is a current member of the EPA Board of Scientific Counselors for the Sustainable and Healthy Communities Research Program.

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