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What Was Popular in 2018: Our Top Podcasts + Blog Posts

Posted byKim Lundgren on Dec 12, 2018 11:00:21 AM

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As 2018 draws to a close, we’re taking a trip down memory lane to highlight KLA’s most popular blog posts and SAS Talk with Kim podcasts of the year.

Pro tip: These make for great listening and reading material for your holiday travel and -- if you’re lucky enough to score some -- down time.

Top Blog Posts of 2018:

  1. Meet the KLA team

  2. Beyond the Usual Suspects: 3 Public Engagement Strategies from Thrive Indianapolis

  3. Recycling: Perspectives from Austin

  4. 8 Lessons Washington, DC Learned about Community Engagement in 2017

  5. The State of Climate Adaptation: Guest Post + Podcast with Joyce Coffee

SAS_TALK_Postcard_iTunes-2Top Podcasts of 2018:

  1. Resilience Hubs (Kristin Baja, Urban Sustainability Directors Network)

  2. The State of Climate Adaptation in the US (Joyce Coffee, Climate Resilience Consulting)

  3. Open Data and Cities (Alex Dodds, Sunlight Foundation)

  4. Orlando's Smart Cities Approach (Chris Castro, City of Orlando)

  5. Participatory Budgeting (Jennifer Godzeno, Participatory Budgeting Project)

When we look at the content that was most in demand, we see three key themes that reflect the focus point for many KLA clients and communities right now:

  • Community engagement, including open data + participatory budgeting

  • Equity, especially in the context of getting all residents engaged in community planning and sustainability initiatives

  • Resilience, not surprising given the climate change impacts (heat waves, intense storms, flooding, wildfiers) that communities are already experiencing

Those will continue to be areas of focus for KLA and our clients in the new year. You can expect more thoughtful commentary and engaging podcasts as we tackle issues related to sustainability and climate action.  

We wish you and your families a happy holidays and a very Happy New Year!