From Branding and Community Engagement to Standard Metrics and Implementation Blueprints, walk through KLA's Climate Action Planning process

The KLA Team has helped small towns and big cities and counties from all over the US execute data-driven climate action planning processes with equitable community engagement at the core. We've learned a thing or two along the way. In a series of blog posts we captured some of the key elements of our "CAP" process, from foundational elements like branding and community engagement to the nuts and bolts of the final plan like implementation blueprints.  The posts include best practice examples and take-home resources to help you build a stronger, more effective climate, sustainability and/or resilience plan. 


Yes, Your Climate Action Plan Needs a Brand

How and why to run a cost-effective branding process for your plan, examples and do's and don'ts.

Access the Branding post and resources. 


Four Ways to Use Video in Planning Processes

Watch 10+ videos used during and after a plan, plus how to afford a high quality product.

Access the Video post and resources.  


Climate Conversation Guide Will Help Turn Words Into Action 

Download and share this resource to help your community talk and act on climate. 

Access the Climate Conversation Guide. 


Is Anyone Paying Attention to Your Presentation? 

Sample PowerPoint and a checklist to better prepare for and deliver your next presentation. 

Access the Presentation post and resources.

hybrid engagement

Combine In-Person and Virtual Engagement Strategies

Community engagement has forever changed with COVID, but it has brought new opportunities. 

Access the Hybrid Engagement post and resources.

Data driven approach

Is Data at the Center of Your Climate Action Plan? 

 Data is key to action on climate change and it shift us from *what* to do to *how* we do it. 

Access the Data Driven Approach post and resources.

Standard metrics

22+ Standard Metrics that Drive Climate Action 

Sample metrics, why they are useful and where to find them. 

Access the Standard Metrics post and resources.

Climate Action Framework

Institutionalize Your Climate Action Goals 

Use this Framework to embed core sustainability and climate principles in your community. 

Access the Climate Action Framework post.

beyond the pdf -  your plan online

For Climate Action Plans, Think Beyond the PDF 

 These are 5 common mistakes -- and 5 fixes -- to avoid losing your plan on your website. 

Access the Plan Online post and resources. 

implementation blueprints

Implementation Blueprints and Meeting Climate Goals 

 Goals, pledges and plans only take you so far. The proof is in the implementation. 

Access the Implementation Blueprints post.

plan design

15 Tips to Make Your Climate Action Plan Pop 

Don't let the design of your plan be an afterthought. Get tips from our graphic design consultant. 

Access the Plan Design post and resources. 

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