Looking to work with other passionate, fun, hardworking change agents Interested in an environment that encourages healthy breaks/vacations and values you as a human? Are you ready to go all-in on being part of the solution?

KLA may be the place for you!

We have less than a decade to take exponential action to avoid catastrophic climate change. KLA takes this - our mission - very seriously. As such, we are hiring for a number of positions. We are looking for people who are all-in on delivering solutions to our local government clients to drive aggressive and equitable action on climate change.

KLA is actively seeking a diverse team of individuals that are passionate, committed, innovative, and enthusiastic about joining this fight.

Join the KLA team. 

Currently Hiring for:

Why KLA?

KLA has more to offer than just dedication to local climate solutions. Joining our team means joining a group of passionate, creative, and mission-driven individuals - who have a pretty good time when we're together. KLA staff work remotely from all around the country to bring together a mix of motivation, brains, and a whole lot of fun to work towards a more sustainable world.

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