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Looking to work with other passionate, fun, hardworking change agents Interested in an environment that encourages healthy breaks/vacations and values you as a human? Are you ready to go all-in on being part of the solution?

KLA may be the place for you!

We have 9 years to take exponential action to avoid catastrophic climate change. KLA takes this - our mission - very seriously. As such, we are hiring for a number of positions. We are looking for people who are all-in on delivering solutions to our local government clients to drive aggressive and equitable action on climate change.

KLA is actively seeking a diverse team of individuals that are passionate, committed, innovative, and enthusiastic about joining this fight.

Join the KLA team. 

Currently Hiring for:

Director of Finance & Operations

This role will drive all financial aspects of the business, including the company’s financial strategy, planning, and reporting. It will also lead the human resource aspects of our business, including benefits and new hire recruiting and onboarding as well as oversee all operational support functions. 

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Business Development Manager

This role will drive and oversee all marketing efforts and business development opportunities. The position is expected to take ownership over our marketing strategy and tools, manage all inbound leads and support the identification and engagement of new opportunities. 

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Greenhouse Gas Analysis Manager

This role will support our ongoing and evolving greenhouse gas inventory, analysis, forecasting and quantification that is essential to the development of data-driven climate mitigation and resilience work. This position fills a critical role in the delivery of actionable climate and sustainability plans backed by measurable performance metrics. 

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Product Owner

This role will drive ongoing development, maintenance, and support of KLA’s Community Dashboard utilized by local government clients. The position will ensure the platform can scale to the needs of KLA's growing clientele and transition to a self-service SAAS product.

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