KLA clients lead the way with innovative, scalable, replicable climate solutions at the local level. We're shining a spotlight on these bright ideas to give them credit and to plant the seed for other communities. 

An award-winning approach uses employee training program as key strategy of educating and empowering residents to address climate change in the community and at the workplace. Learn more about the employee climate training program.
Heat pump coaches in Concord, MA, help overcome common barrier and meet a key climate goal: Get homeowners to transition to efficient heating and cooling. Learn more about heat pump coaches.
Building electrification is gaining momentum across the country for its climate and public health benefits, and Encinitas is one of the leaders with a new green building ordinance. Check it out.
With flooding and extreme heat on the rise, the coastal city of New Bedford, MA, approaches stormwater management with green infrastructure and a laser focus on equitable solutions. Check it out.
Driven by a sustainability mission, Devens, MA, (a former military base) sets its sights on a “circular” approach to waste reduction and scores big with a reuse hub to repurpose resources. Check it out.
To move more swiftly to implementation, local governments can leverage data and stakeholder engagement to be more proactive in the planning process. Clark County, NV, shows us how. Check it out.
To fight extreme heat, Columbia, MO, is using a Show Me the Heat urban heat mapping campaign to collect data and inform climate action planning and heat responses. Read Now.
These six KLA clients are taking steps to ensure their communities are resilient to the impacts of climate change, with a focus on historically underserved communities. Read Now.
People watch a ton of video, want more video, and choose it over any other mode of receiving information. We walk through best practices and examples to leverage video. Read Now.
Local governments need access to consistent, predictable, high-quality data to develop and track progress on implementation of climate action plans. We look at how Massachusetts is helping. Read Now.
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