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Climate Solutions Webinar December 8: Electric Vehicles

Posted byKim Lundgren on Nov 5, 2021 9:27:01 AM

Title 2Electric Vehicles and Mobility the focus of third webinar in series on high impact GHG reduction strategies for local governments

Experts tell us that we have less than a decade to significantly reduce GHG emissions to avoid the most dire impacts of climate change. This means local governments must take aggressive action now.

In these virtual discussions, experts in community-based climate, energy and sustainability will provide local governments with the knowledge, messaging and tools to shift the conversation from if we are going to address climate change to how we are going to do it. Panelists will review actionable strategies to collaborate with the community and enact aggressive climate policy. The webinar is free and open to local governments and their climate action partners.

Electric Vehicles

Wednesday, December 8th 12-1pm

In many communities, transportation is the second largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. In the US, transportation accounts for 27% of emissions -- 60% of that from passenger cars and trucks. The way we get to and from work, school, the store and just around town has a huge impact climate change and local air quality. While clean transportation solutions are multimodal, we also know that we have limited time to crack this transportation emissions nut. With the market already making the shift (i.e., every major car manufacturer has at least one if not several EV and hybrid options), local governments can leverage this momentum and at least get people out of fossil fuel based cars and into electric vehicles. 

This webinar will tackle some of the common barriers to EV adoption at the local government level, including: 

-- Charging station infrastructure 

-- Making EVs accessible and affordable 

-- Municipal purchasing, including public fleets, transit and school buses

-- EV-friendly building codes and requirements


Presented by Kim Lundgren Associates (KLA) and moderated by Kim, panelists include:

Sarah Fischer, Electric Vehicle Specialist, Electrification Coalition

Harley Hubbard, Sustainable Transportation Manager, City of San Antonio

Keith Kerman, Chief Fleet Officer, New York City