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Green Your Mind with these Podcasts

Posted byKim Lundgren on Apr 18, 2021 8:52:47 PM

Add one of the KLA Team's fave podcasts to your playlist this Earth Day

If Earth Day has you inspired to pick up new green habits, a first step might be to up (or start) your podcast game.


We polled the KLA team and put together a short playlist of some of our favorite podcasts. These have been fueling and feeding our curiosity about anything and everything environment, climate, and sustainability related – urban design, environmental justice, climate politics and more.


Podcasts are an easy way – while fixing a meal, running errands, taking a shower – to keep up to speed with the latest stories and analysis. We think they are awesome enough that we produce our own Sustainability Action Series podcast SAS Talk with Kim. We’re out with a fresh episode focused on community equity partners with Imhotep Adisa from The Kheprw Institute in Indianapolis.


Green your playlist and your mind with these podcasts:



Hosted by: Amy Westervelt 

Produced/Sponsored by: Critical Frequency 


One of the most listened-to podcasts on climate change, the Drilled podcast explores accountability and propaganda in the fossil fuel industry. From the history of fossil fuel public relations to the first group to sue Big Oil, this narrative style reporting covers the history of the fossil fuel industry and its contemporary impacts. The latest season covers the 100-year history of fossil fuel P.R. campaigns and ties them to the propaganda we still see today. 




Climate One 

Hosted by: Greg Dalton 

Sponsored/produced by: Climate One and the Commonwealth Club 


This podcast consists of the discussions from Climate One about energy, the economy, and the environment. Conversations with influential members of academia, government, business, and advocacy groups cover topics such as environmental racism, climate politics, and more.



Talking Headways
Hosted by: Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire
Produced/Sponsored by: Streetsblog

This podcast about urban design explores the week's top stories at the intersection of sustainable transportation, urban planning, and economic development.

Energy Gang

Hosted by: Stephen Lacey, Katherine Hamilton, and Jigar Shah 

Produced by: Green Tech Media 


This weekly digest podcast reports on current (and future) issues of energy, clean technology, and the environment. From energy predictions of the pandemic to how to scale up EV infrastructure, this podcast covers interesting and relevant topics across finance, politics, tech, and business.




Hot and Bothered

Hosted by: Daniel Aldana Cohen and Kate Aronoff 

Sponsored/produced by: Dissent Climate Podcast 


This podcast explores the intersection of climate change, politics, and the economy and asks critical questions about our future. Reporting on news and interviewing grassroots organizers, researchers, and scholars, this podcast discusses the most pressing issues with a focus on action and equity.https://www.dissentmagazine.org/category/hot-bothered


A Matter of Degrees 

Hosted by: Dr. Leah Stokes and Dr. Katherine Wilkinson 


This podcast aims to empower the “climate curious” folks who recognize the immediacy of climate change, but are still figuring out how to tackle it. This podcast scrutinizes the reality of climate denial, contemporary solutions, and the importance of justice in climate work. 




Hot Take 

Hosted by: Amy Westervelt and Mary Annaïse Heglar 

Sponsored/produced by: Critical Frequency 


This podcast takes an intersectional lens to climate change coverage and focuses on the stories we are telling and not telling. By slowing down to analyze how we talk about climate change, this podcast aims to make conversations around climate more productive, honest, and inclusive. 



Go Cultivate!
Produced/Sponsored by: Verdunity

Tailored toward community builders, this podcast provides weekly discussions about new ideas in planning, design, and community engagement. Topics also include lessons learned by hosts and guests alike and thoughts on growing financially resilient, resource-conscious, and people-friendly cities.


Generation Green New Deal Podcast 

Hosted by: Sam Eilersten 

Sponsored/produced by: Critical Frequency 


A new generation has propelled the climate crisis into American mainstream politics. This podcast explores the identity, goals, and future of the youth movement in the climate fight - who they are, what they’ve accomplished so far, and where they go from here.



Living on Earth
Hosted by: Steve Curwood
Produced/Sponsored by: PRX

In the midst of a planetary climate emergency, this podcast aims to act as a go-to source for the latest coverage of climate change, ecology, and human health.


Though our selections are by no means a comprehensive list of all the great sustainability podcasts out there, we recommend giving one of these a listen the next time you’re walking around the neighborhood or cooking dinner.


Let us know what your favorite podcasts are and what you’ve been listening to recently!


And check out our SAS Talk with Kim podcast, with episodes on topics ranging from equity to storytelling, resilience hubs to  participatory budgeting -- all with a focus on local government sustainability and climate action. 


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