Kim Lundgren Associates (KLA) and Climate Resilience Consulting (CRC) Team Up for Equity in Climate Resilience 

If you missed us at NAF, read KLA's recap here and CRC's here. Check out more ways to connect below. 

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Who are KLA and CRC and How Can You Connect with Us? 

KLA’s approach to climate resilience planning is data-driven, equity-centered and geared towards swift implementation to help your community thrive. We work with clients from New Bedford, MA, to Clark County, NV, on climate vulnerability assessments, extreme heat plans, resilience hubs, toolkits and more.

Learn more about KLA's approach to climate resilience. 

Read KLA's NAF recap. 

Find KLA on Social: 

Twitter @TheKLATeam 
LinkedIn: @KimLundgrenAssociates 

Climate Resilience Consulting's mission is to enable communities, governments and corporations to avoid, prepare for, and resist the global and local impacts of climate change. We help you measure how climate change will affect you, strategize how to adapt, and finance your initiatives, all while ensuring that social equity is fundamental to climate resilience. 

Learn more about CRC's approach to climate resilience. 

Read CRC's NAF recap. 

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Twitter @JoyceCoffee
LinkedIn: @ClimateResilienceConsulting


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Take Our BuzzFeed-Style Quiz to Find Your Adaptation Personality

NAF participants got the chance to put their brains on pause and laugh for a bit as they took a simple 5-question quiz to find out whether their "adaptation personality" is: Green Infrastructure, Resilience Hub, Managed Retreat, Onsite Energy or Sea Barrier.  Take the quiz yourself to find out! 

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Who We Supported Thanks to You!

Conference giveaways usually head straight to the landfill, so instead of a branded pen or stress ball we decided to make donations to 4 nonprofits focused on equity and resilience. Everyone who took our Adaptation Personality Quiz at our NAF booth gets to choose whether a donation would be made to the Anthropocene Alliance, Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership, Institute for Diversity and Inclusion in Emergency Management, or Living Classrooms. In the end we donated $1,000 to those 4 groups, proving that a simple swap-out at the conference booth can have a huge impact! 

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Harvard Virtual Session 11/9

Did you miss KLA and CRC's presentations at NAF? You might want to join us for an upcoming virtual session with Harvard University, "Making the Most of Local Climate Policies: A 101 for Real Estate Development."  November 9 11am-1pm. 



Our NAF appearances: 

Prior to NAF kick off,  KLA and CRC  hosted resilience leaders in an equitable resilience building workshop, based on our current work on a flagship project with the Environmental Protection Agency.

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