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10 Best Practices: Giving Everyone a Voice at Community Events

Posted byKim Lundgren on Jul 12, 2017 10:34:21 AM

Community engagement is a critical part of our sustainability work and the linchpin for setting and meeting long-term goals. KLA teamed up with Emie Michaud Weinstock of Reveled Up, a branding and event marketing boutique, for a recent SAS Talk with Kim podcast. She shared so much useful information about how to design an event that engages everyone in your community that we have two companion blog posts: Part 1 focuses on event content and design; Part 2 on speakers and facilitators.

Here Emie shares her Top 10 tips: 

  1. Be clear about your desired outcome from the start.
  2. Be intentional about getting everyone to the table.
  3. Aim for several smaller events throughout the year.
  4. Host the events in different parts of town to be sure you capture your community’s diverse perspectives and experiences.
  5. RPG: Research your speakers beforehand, Prepare your speakers for your audience & Groom your speakers so that they stay on topic throughout their presentation.
  6. Focus on the audience. Design an event that is not 90% about the speaker but IS about audience engagement.
  7. Find an experienced facilitator who fosters a respectful dialogue.
  8. Incorporate an element of movement for the audience so they are not passive and bored.
  9. Gather post-event feedback, including asking people how they want to participate in the future.
  10. Get their email addresses, but don’t squander the opportunity by asking for stuff you don’t really need.

Topics: community engagement, local government, SAS Talk Podcast