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6 Ways We Help You Meet Climate + Sustainability Goals

Posted byKim Lundgren on Oct 8, 2018 1:37:07 PM

At KLA our clients want thriving, inclusive, healthy communities. Sometimes they come to us before they kick off of a major planning process, and we partner with them throughout that journey. Other times it starts with a GHG inventory or implementing a specific grant-based project with community engagement. Still others come to us for our Community Dashboard and wind up integrating our communications support.

Regardless of the starting point, KLA has been proud to work with communities from Encinitas, CA, to Cambridge, MA, and Indianapolis, IN, West Palm Beach, FL and San Antonio, TX. Here are 6 ways we help them achieve their climate and sustainability goals.

Architect-Design-Project-Meeting-Discussion-Concept-000079068767_Medium1. Planning. The KLA team has the experience to lead a successful planning process, small or large scale. Collaboration is a hallmark of our approach, with a focus on robust, equitable engagement. We specialize in climate action, resilience, and sustainability plans and have deep experience with state-specific programs like Massachusetts MVP and Green Communities and New York Climate Smart and Cleaner, Greener Communities programs. KLA can lead the process in partnership with local groups or provide strategic advisory services.

People-crowd-international,-sketch-for-your-design-610652504_3159x31592. Public Engagement. Whether or not it’s part of a planning process, local governments must engage community members in a consistent, meaningful and equitable way. The KLA team provides a variety of tools and services to maximize your outreach efforts, including: strategy development; surveys; stakeholder meetings; street teams; focus groups; local partner trainings; and event planning. Our ultimate focus is to build local capacity so that your community has the tools they need to talk about climate change and sustainability and understand the benefits they receive by the local government taking action to address it.

3. Dashboard. Our Community Dashboard is a communications platform where you can track progress, demonstrate the value of your programs, and increase ongoing, equitable engagement. This customized online platform lets you choose up to 30 indicators (waste, green buildings, air quality, etc), is based on our storytelling framework and -- with the professional version -- includes communications support. 

Want to check it out?

Livable Nashua utilizes our original Dashboard platform. You can see version 2.0 with the San Antonio Sustainability Dashboard. Or watch the Dashboard demo video.

4. Communications. You’ve got a story to tell, and KLA can help you craft the right messages and utilize the most effective channels to reach your community and achieve the desired results. From branding campaigns to design (infographics, report templates, fact sheets) to the written word (blog posts, email content) to video and social media management, we take the quantity and quality of your communications to the next level. 

Want to see an example?

Check out the Thrive Indianapolis video and fact sheets.

Competitive-Edge-Road-Sign-000026999850_Medium5. Capacity Building. KLA gives you the resources, training and support to empower your local government team beyond a planning process and into implementation. Through grant writing, toolkits, trainings and Sustainable Return on Investment analysis, we help you develop the tools your team needs to succeed.


Calculator-and-pencil-000082097885_Large6. Greenhouse Gas Accounting. Taking stock of your municipal or community greenhouse gas emissions is an ongoing task for many local governments, and often a requirement for climate pledges. KLA offers the expertise to handle everything from data collection to analysis, forecasting and goal setting. We also can support your efforts to quantify reduction strategies and develop wedge diagrams to show the impact of each strategy.

Check out some examples of the incredible work of our local government clients here. Learn more about our service packages here. 

We would love to hear about your climate and sustainability vision, the challenges you're facing, the opportunities on the horizon -- and how our team can help you meet your goals. 



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