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New Year, New Beginning: Make a Plan for Consistent Climate Content

Posted byKim Lundgren on Jan 26, 2023 9:28:00 AM

Have you planned your communications content for today? For next week? Q1? How about 2023?

If you don’t have your plan quite ready, we’ve got you covered. Planning communications content can seem daunting, but consistent content is key to keeping communities engaged in action throughout the year.

The revamped KLA 2023 Editorial Calendar provides a detailed community, sustainability, and climate-related dates and holidays; monthly themes for community climate engagement; as well as tips and tricks for communications best practice.

Not the one handles comms for your team, department or local government? Pass this along to the person/people who do. We promise they'll thank you! 

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5 Reasons You Need an Editorial Calendar: 


  1. Stop the Scramble! Ditch that feeling you get on November 14th when your supervisor asks what content you have to push out on social for America Recycles Day, tomorrow November 15th. 

  2. Boost Engagement. Releasing relevant, consistent content can increase audience engagement by as much as 90%. You'll show up in more feeds and get more clicks and then show up in even more feeds. 

  3. Get New Ideas. Did you know there is a Stop Food Waste Day, a National Pollinator Week and World Photography Day? Not to mention fun ways to use Groundhog Day, National Tell a Joke Day and more.  

  4. Give Old Content a New Life. You've got awesome trail maps for your green spaces -- dust those off for National Take a Hike Day. Are local businesses embracing reusable bags -- tout that for Plastic Bag Free Day. Rebates for rain barrels available -- promote those during heavy spring rains. 

  5. Make Your Job Easier. Take it from us, when you've got social media your social media scheduled and your content planned out under a theme like "National Bike Month," you'll have extra time to stress about other stuff instead! 

Download the Free Calendar

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