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New Podcast: What a Resilience Hub Can Do for Your Community Before, During + After Disasters

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Aug 28, 2018 10:18:57 AM

Summer is winding down, and National Preparedness Month is upon us.  It’s been a summer filled with headlines of devastating wildfires in California, heat waves around the globe and extreme rainfall and flooding events from the US to Japan. It’s clear that communities big and small should be thinking about the impacts they might face now and in the future with climate change.   

Among strategies to prepare for natural disasters, “resilience hubs” are gaining momentum as well as a reputation for fostering equity, neighborhood development and local community power.

In my latest podcast episode of SAS Talk with Kim, I spoke with Kristin Baja, Climate Resilience Officer at USDN and formerly with the City of Baltimore, about the concept, value and logistics of resilience hubs and more of USDN’s work on climate resilience.  

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Conferences: Content + Connections

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Jan 31, 2018 11:53:02 AM

I have spent a good chunk of my career travelling around the country for work. Whether for conferences or to meet with local government clients, I spend enough time in the air to maintain elite airline status. Once I had my daughter, regular travel became a bit harder, but once I arrive at my destination, I am all in. It is so gratifying and inspiring to engage with so many talented people -- many of whom have become not just peers and colleagues but good friends along the way.

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8 Lessons Washington, DC Learned about Community Engagement in 2017

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Jan 24, 2018 9:57:34 AM

In 2017 KLA brought you 20 episodes of our SAS Talk with Kim podcast on topics ranging from the circular economy to smart cities. We’re underway with recording new podcasts for 2018, but we’ll also be checking back in with our previous guests to see what has transpired since our chat and what new insights they have to share with you.

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Orlando and the Pursuit of a Smart City

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Dec 12, 2017 10:36:11 AM

Smart cities. Everyone wants to live in one. Plenty of cities are trying to become one.

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Would you like to be a guest on our podcast in 2018?

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Dec 11, 2017 5:28:41 PM

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Flooding + Coastal Resilience on the Front Lines in Norfolk (New Podcast!)

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Sep 28, 2017 3:41:12 PM

If you live in a coastal community or one prone to flooding, you might have watched Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey with a bit of trepidation.

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New Podcast: Lessons from Houston on Flooding

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Aug 25, 2017 10:08:42 AM

The frequency and severity of flooding are on the rise in the age of climate change, and in no place is that more apparent than Houston -- a city that is watching Hurricane Harvey barrel towards it even as it still dries out from other heavy rains and flooding.

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With Debut of "An Inconvenient Sequel," Climate Reality Project Offers Tools for Local Climate Action

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Aug 10, 2017 4:07:39 PM

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When you think about the arc of climate change awareness and action in this country, it’s hard not to put former Vice President Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” film -- which hit theaters back in 2006 and has “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” coming out August 4, 2017 -- among the most important events.

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Implementing Sustainability Plans: Hear from Richmond and San Antonio (New Podcasts)

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Aug 4, 2017 12:06:05 PM

At KLA we’ve worked with dozens of cities and counties over the years on plans. Climate action plans. Adaptation plans. Sustainability plans. Energy master plans. And let me tell you, after the blood, sweat, tears and sheer hours that go into one of those plans, it can feel like the journey is over. But a plan is not a destination. It is, in fact, the starting point.

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How to Give Everyone a Voice at Community Events: Part 2

Posted by Kim Lundgren on Jul 23, 2017 10:41:22 PM

This is Part 2 of 2 based on my recent SAS Talk with Kim podcast with Emie Michaud Weinstock of Reveled Up, a branding and event marketing boutique. A good chunk of our discussion focused on the importance of the speakers and/or facilitators, which is what dive into here. In Part 1 we go through the content and design of the events. And we've compiled a Top 10 Best Practices list. 

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